Getting Your Finances Ready for your SSD case II

Why is it important to anticipate financial hardships? This is because it is arduous to live for two and a half years, sometimes more, with no income and means of support. It can happen that before a judge get to decide the case, claimants do not have penny left. Another reason is to allow claimants to plan and minimize or avoid financial loss.

Planning ahead financially is a crucial step that you should take in pursuing a Social Security Disability case. A claimant has no idea up to when the claim will last. An Initial claim may develop into a series of reconsideration or appeal and it will take a longer time so he better prepare his finances to avoid being left broke or homeless due to foreclosure or eviction order.

To avoid insolvency or financial drain in the process of your claim, you should avoid incurring additional debts and obligations. These may accumulate interest and may add to your financial burdens. Try to look also for some ways to minimize your obligations and financial burdens. In some instances specified by the law, claimants are allowed to work to sustain your expenses. You may also consider restructuring your debts and obligations to make surviving the disability process more likely. You can consider these choices at any level of your social security disability case.

A sad but very common scenario is where a claimant, after several months have passed, gets a denial letter. Then he filed an appeal and wait a little more. Once a gain, he received a denial letter though it stated that an appeal may be filed and this time it involves a hearing before an administrative law judge. The hearing was then set. Unfortunately it doesn’t end there. After the hearing, a number of weeks or even months shall be waited before a decision is promulgated. And even if the approval was granted many weeks more before benefits are made available. Availability depends also if the system in a particular state of residence, is clogged or not. It may take up to two and a half years before disability benefits are ever received.

Most of the claimants are shocked to know the lengthy process of a claim. Unfortunately, only a few know this blatant reality. Claimants only realize this when their finances are already at minimum or worse. Too late though, but the only bright spot is that the amount they received in due benefits can cure their situation.

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