Personal Checks and Saving Money

When you write a personal check you're essentially an order instructing your bank to pay a particular merchant a specified sum of money, using funds in your account at that bank. To collect the money, the merchant probably will deposit the check. It�ll take about one to five business days before the money is transferred out of your account. However, there are new ways for merchants and other vendors to process personal checks electronically and reduce the time it takes for the funds to be deducted from your account.

Personal checks are familiar and easy to use or mail. They also are routinely accepted by merchants as well as by utilities, landlords, mortgage lenders, credit card companies, and other major service providers, although sometimes with limits. As with cash, checks also are widely accepted by other individuals.

Paying by check can be a good way to avoid overextending your family finances and to build a good payment history. Checks also are good for people who just aren�t comfortable with newer forms of electronic payment, such as debit cards.

Checks also create a paper trail that can be followed if there�s a dispute over who got paid or how much. If your bank doesn�t routinely return canceled checks but you need some for your records, you have a couple of options, according to Cynthia Bonnette, a bank examination specialist with the FDIC in Washington. "You can make a special request for copies of checks, possibly for a fee," she says. "Or, if you bank at home by personal computer, your checks� images may be offered as part of that service."

For those of us that write personal checks while grocery shopping, catalog shopping, or paying bills; there are options besides reordering personal checks from the bank for inflated prices. Did you know that you can buy personal bank checks direct from the check printers for low prices?

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