Bad Credit Score Effective Ways To Repair It !!!

We live in a society where credit scores are important.The credit companies keep tract of our payments and submit all the information to credit bureaus, where they compile all that information and that's how we get our individual credit scores. If you pay you bills on time then you will have a good credit score, but if you don't pay on time then you find yourself paying a higher interest rate on a auto loan, mortgage or even miss our on that perfect job that you had your eye on. There are few tips that will help you to repair your credit score: 1. Make sure that your bills are paid on time One of the best ways to improve your credit score is simply to pay your bills on time. This is so simple but it works very well, because nothing shows lenders that you take debts seriously as much as a history of paying promptly. Every lender wants to be paid in full and on time. If you pay all your bills on time then the odds are good that you are a good candidate for a home loan, auto insurance, even a job, some companies check your credit score to see if you are a responsible individual and a good rick for the company. 2. Make every effort to pay down your debts If you have a lot of debt, your credit score will suffer. Paying down your debts to a minimum will help to repair your credit score. For example, if your balances are close to the credit limits, you will be considered a greater risk for credit. What the companies want is for you to have no more than half of your allotted credit limit used up. If you're serious about improving your credit score, then start with the largest debt you have and start paying it down. 3. Avoid overextending yourself, do not take on more credit than you can pay Try to avoid multiple credit cards with high credit limits. You don't want to take on more credit than you can comfortably pay off. Even if you are making payments regularly, lender know that paying off high debt will be a lot harder in case there is a financial set back. In order to repair your credit score you must avoid taking out excessive credit. You should stick to one or two credit cards in order to have the best credit rating. Borrow only when you need it and make sure to make payments on time. You should also know that having to many credit cards, especially if they are pretty new accounts, will not help you to repair your credit score, it will cause your credit score to go down because it will look as though you are being financially irresponsible.

by Jeanette Fitzgerald

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