Commercial Property Loan – In Today’s Climate

Funding a commercial property loan in today’s market is no easy task. Banks either are scared to lend or worse, face their own liquidity issues. Many borrowers are running around, scrabbling for options, often baffled by what their local banks tell them. Loan to values requirements have dropped, borrowers cash flow and liquidity requirements are up.

We hear borrowers often make comments such as. “I’ve been with my existing bank for 30 years, never missed a payment… now they will barely take my call.” Or “my local banks are offering me decent rates but the amortization schedules are capped at 15 years. This will strangle my cash flow, and they don’t seem to get it.” This is a frustrating time for many business owners and finding palatable commercial loans is often difficult.

Borrowers need to break away from the limitations that their local banks provide. There still are sources that have the capital and appetite to fund commercial property loans. In fact, some aggressive and well capitalized banks/lenders are taking advantage of these times and “swallowing” large chunks of their competitor’s market share.
Commercial Property Loans - Solution

One of the best commercial real estate loan programs out there today, is the government backed variety. On refinances they can go as high as 85% loan to value, which is such a critical point, as property values continue to decline. Many borrowers that go with their local banks have a very unpleasant surprise when the $3,500 appraisal report comes in with a property value 20% lower than what was expected. The borrower has a dead deal, and 2 months of wasted time to show for his efforts. By being able to go up to 85%, borrowers hedge their bets on this issue.

Another major benefit of the government backed programs is a reliability of funding. This is one of those subjective issues, that's impossible to predict. For example, you may go with a local bank and your commercial property loan request may fit all of their guidelines, yet the bank declines the file. Why? They may give you some random reason that makes no sense at all. The committee may just not like the industry you’re in, your personal history or they may just have a bad feeling about the deal. Due to the economy this is happening more and more.

With a government guarantee, loans that fit the guidelines close. The level of subjectivity is much less. If it fit’s, it funds.

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