Some Quick Tips To Understand FHA and VA Mortgage Loans

As the number of homes for sale continues to grow across America, home buyers are constantly looking for more home loan choices before making their purchase offers.

With home loan interest rates at multi-decade lows, it can be a stimulant for qualified home buyers to hunker down and make the buying decision they have been delaying. But everything is not Mom’s apple pie. The underwriting guidelines from lenders has become substantially tighter and prospective buyers will encounter a bit of research and denials before embarking on the right mortgage loan.

As an example, the only zero down home loan financing choices remaining are for military veterans who qualify for V.A. benefits and Rural Development Housing loans from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Each of these home loan choices have particular borrower conditions so consult with a competent exeprienced mortgage company so you fully understand all limitations.

One of the most popular types of mortgage home loan currently is by the FHA (Federal Housing Administration) currently requires the borrower to have at least a 3 1/2 percent down payment along with funds for closing costs. However, the closing costs can be a gift from a qualifying relative. Again your mortgage company will consult with you all of these conditions with you.

Fortunately, for borrowers who already have an FHA mortgage on their primary residence, FHA Streamline Refinances exist them and can save them a bundle. By refinancing under this government loan, you can take advantage of this refinancing choice to reduce your mortgage interest rate while saving a lot on your closing costs. Many times borrowers pay nothing out of pocket and do not increase their current motgage balance. In essence, a true rate reduction mortgage. So, it is still advantageous even if you reduce your current rate by 1%.

If your current home loan is a V.A. mortgage, you too can have a streamline refinance choice. It is typically known as the Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan and it is a optimal way for eligible veterans to experience substantial monthly savings on their mortgage payments. This refinancing choice also features low closing costs linked with it. As is customary, certain conditions must be met in order to be eligible for a V.A. mortgage refinance. The main concern is there are no late mortgage payments and the home’s value.

So, you see that government loans offer some attractive choices for homebuyers and current homeowners. And with the current low interest rate environment, borrowers who do not qualify for government mortgage programs cans still get a great deal as well due to some prediction so perhaps fixed interest rate around the 3.5 percent range which is unheard of. . Yes, we live in some interesting and perhaps one of the best investment eras in quite a while. Will you take advantage or be caught in the headlights.

About The Author:

Frank Collins is a real estate investor and recommends learning about FHA Streamline loans for borrowers with who already have a FHA loan or are searching for VA Home Mortgage programs for active duty armed forces and veterans in your area

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